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Interview: What Ales You Owner Derek Braun

What Ales You Taphouse Maui

The beer scene on Maui has been making people on Oahu jealous for a while now. They have the amazing Maui Brewing Company at their fingertips and just last year got exclusive access to dozens of amazing brands via Maui Stone Craft Beverages. With all of the great craft beer on the island, there has been a lack of beer focused bars like we have on Oahu. That’s slowly starting the change. Rock & Brews opened in Paia last year and now with the opening of What Ales You locals and tourist have a craft beer bar in Kihei have something in their hood.

Oregon native Derek Braun is bringing a piece of home with him to the Kihei triangle and taking advantage of all of the new great beers available on the island. The “triangle” is a strip (not actually a triangle) in Kihei that is dominated with bars, clubs and restaurants that has always been known for it’s nightlife. What Ales You is bringing a bit more of a laid back and relax vibe to the scene focusing on serving only craft beer and great win

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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