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Introducing the Brew Crew Bullpen

Greetings, everyone. Stoutmeister here to follow up on what amounted to our SOS post a few weeks back when E-Rock had to leave The Week Ahead in Beer (he’s still around and part of the Crew, his work/music schedule and spotty internet access just made it impossible to continue to write it in a timely manner). I put out the call for some new writers to join us and luckily six talented people responded. They are all New Mexico residents, love beer, and are good writers. With all that, I wasn’t able to tell any of them “sorry, good luck next time.” Instead, I hired all six of them, but with most minor of caveats.

Since the original seven Crew members are all good friends who have known each other for years (E-Rock and I have known each other since 1992, for instance), we’ve created the most minor of separation by designating our new writers as the Brew Crew Bullpen. Just like on a baseball team, they are the people we call upon when the Original Seven need relief. There are plenty of week

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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