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Jubeck’s New World Brewery opening in Dubuque July 17th!

Jay Jubeck has announced that his brewery in Dubuque will be opening their doors on July 17th. They currently feature 5 beers on their website:

Golden Hybrid Beer

A light hybrid session beer of blondish gold hue with a slight honey-like sweetness and a mild herbal hop character.

Lavender Honey-Wheat

A delightfully refreshing light wheat ale with a subtle spicy herbal flavor.

Warrior Stout

A bold imperial stout with a full-bodied, roasty, malty flavor.

Dark IPA

Wonderfully dark and slightly roasty, but not too much roasted malt bitterness.

Apricot Pale Ale

American pale ale style beer finished with a healthy dose of citra hops and dried apricots, added late in the boil, for a subtle fruity flavor.

Jubeck recently interviewed with KCRG to discuss the upcoming opening. Here’s the link to that interview:

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