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Kona Brewing To Expand Hawaii Production

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Kona Brewing Company has long been the giant of brewing in Hawaii. They are the state’s most recognizable brewing company, though many in the craft beer community have mixed or straight up negative feelings towards them. One of the main issues that regularly comes up is that all of Kona’s packaged beer available in Hawaii and the rest of the world is not brewed in Hawaii. A lot of people also take issue with AB In-Bev owning a minority share of Kona’s parent company Craft Brewers Alliance (CBA), but that is for another post.

Early on in it’s history (1998), Kona Brewing Company decided to outsource all of it’s brewing for packaging to the mainland. This was done for a number of reason, many one could say were ahead of their time. Today, it seems like every major craft brewery is opening up second and third breweries in locations far from their home base to service the demand in those regions. Brew the beer closer to where it is being consumed…fresher beer and less environmental impact

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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