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March Beer Events

Here are some fun beer events to consider in March. Also check out my St. Patrick’s Day post (including St. Patrick’s Day Parade) for holiday-specific events! Plus, Colorado Craft Beer Week is March 19-27, so there is LOTS to do!

Wed., Mar. 2, 6-11 p.m.: Homebrewer Appreciation Night, hosted by Fermentologists & TRVE at TRVE Brewing (227 Broadway #101, Denver).

TRVE Brewing started out as homebrewers and as such want to give back to the homebrew community. On March 2, our club has partnered up with them to host a homebrewer’s night at the brewery.
Join us to have a few beers, hang out with other homebrewers, and take home some FREE bottles. Just buy two pints during the event and Trve will send you home with a CASE of either 12 oz. or 750ml empty bottles.
This is a great opportunity to talk to other brewers and enjoy some great beer, plus bring home some brand new empty bottles.
(Do not bring homebrew to share, it’s illegal for public events).

 Sat., Mar. 5, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.: Work From

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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