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Meet The Brewer: Adam Boggs of Hoku Brewing Company

Adam Boggs Hoku Brewing Company

Hoku Brewing Company has quietly popped onto the Honolulu brewing scene releasing two beers in the past couple of months. Unlike other breweries that open up with multiple beers, Hoku has decided to start slow, releasing one beer at a time. At the helm of the new brewery is Adam Boggs, a Colorado native, who followed his brewing passion all the way to Hawaii.

Boggs, a former software engineer, interviewed for the Hoku job while still living in Colorado. He had been volunteering and working part time at various breweries in his home state hoping to eventually make the leap into professional brewing. Fate would have it that a job posting for a head brewers position in Hawaii became available and Boggs jumped at the opportunity. It also didn’t hurt that his girlfriend lived in Hawaii working as a marine biologist whom he frequently visited.

Boggs credits his 15 years of home brewing experience with helping him to land the job. A huge fan of stouts, he decided to bring his unconventional,

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