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Mehana Brewing New Can Lineup

After many months in hibernation Mehana Brewing is back with new designs and now packaged in cans. Hilo based Hawaii Nui Brewing Company was purchased out of bankruptcy last year by Oahu Oncologist, Dr. Paul DeMare. With a new management team the brewery has been undergoing upgrades including a renovated tap room and rebranding both the Hawaii Nui and Mehana lines.

The new cans feature updated artwork and new bolder and brighter colors. Mehana’s core beers have not changed and will continue to include Mauna Kea Pale Ale, Volcano Red Ale, Humpback Blonde Ale, Hawaiian Crow Porter and Tsunami IPA (also available in 19oz tall cans.) The newly purchased canning line began production last week and we can expect to see Mehana beers on the market in the next week or two.

New websites for both Mehana and Hawaii Nui are expect to launch soon. As part of the new plan for the brewery, the company is trying to keep the Mehana and Hawaii Nui brands separate and grow them independently.

Source: Beer in Hawaii.

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