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Mehana Brewing Releases New Humpback Island Lager

Mehana Brewing Humpback Island Lager

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new release from Mehana & Hawaii Nui Brewing over in Hilo. They’ve been quietly brewing beer on the Big Island and getting feedback from their loyal tap room customers.

On the back of positive reviews, Mehana Brewing is releasing a new version of Humpback Island Lager. You may recall the beer name as it was previously known as Humpback Blue. It has gone through a few recipe changes over the years being brewed as German style Kolsch and then an American Blonde Ale.

The new Humpback Island Lager is an American take on a German lager. The new recipe is a result of the brewers wanting to create a lighter style beer that was refreshing, yet still full of flavor.  The brewer describes the beer as “straw colored, light bodied with a mild earthy hop aroma and moderate billowy head. The new recipe for Humpback has a remarkable clean and refreshing finish.” Final ABV comes in at only 3.8%.

Cans of Mehana Brewing Humpback Island Lager are expected to be avail

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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