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Mother Road Brewing to New Mexico: “It’s all your fault”

Mother Road Brewing founder Michael Marquess, left, and production manager Campbell Morrissey strike a pose in the new insulated shipping container that will hold the extra product needed for New Mexico

“It’s all your fault, New Mexico,” said Mother Road Brewing founder and chief beer officer Michael Marquess with a big grin. “We thought we were shipping enough beer for six to eight weeks, but you ran us dry in less than two.” He was referring to “Big Blue,” the tentative name for the huge, insulated shipping container that had just been delivered moments before this interview took place.

I was in Flagstaff, passing through for the husband’s birthday weekend trip that included both the Grand Canyon and seeing Public Enemy and The Cult on the same stage in Vegas (Chuck D and Billy Duffy all the way). Mother Road Brewing hooked us in a big way, so we spent a little extra time there. It ended up being the true highlight of the entire weekend, due in no small part to the staff and their lo

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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