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1d - Munich Helles
1d - Munich Helles

1D. Munich Helles

Reference: 1D
Style: Munich Helles
Category: Light Lager
Summary: Unlike Pilsner but like its cousin, Munich Dunkel, Helles is a malt-accentuated beer that is not overly sweet, but rather focuses on malt flavor with underlying hop bitterness in a supporting role.
BJCP 2008: Click here to see the full Beer Style description.
Examples: Weihenstephaner Original, Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Gold, Bürgerbräu Wolznacher Hell Naturtrüb, Mahr’s Hell, Paulaner Premium Lager, Spaten Premium Lager, Stoudt’s Gold Lager


1d - Munich Helles
1d – Munich Helles

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