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Pints & Pies at Parry’s Pizzeria & Bar

As someone who both lives and works downtown, it’s often difficult to find time to make it to places outside of my usual area. I frequently see interesting posts from breweries and restaurants just outside of Denver, and I put them on my mental “to-visit” list; but after a long day at the office or an afternoon of running errands on the weekend, that list seems to grow much faster than I can keep up with.

Quite a while ago I started hearing a lot about Parry’s Pizzeria & Bar and its excellent tap list, along with seeing numerous tempting photos of its food and fun events. So last year I decided I finally needed to get to Parry’s and check it out myself. I hopped on I-25 North, and 15 minutes later I was at Parry’s in Northglenn. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about that visit, and I’d been thinking about the yummy pizza ever since. And last weekend, with visions of pizza and beers inundating my mind, I went back for more.

A sample of Oak & White sour ale from Upland Brewing Company


Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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