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Ponderosa Brewing prepares for another busy year

It was a happy holiday, and a happy year, at Ponderosa.

Editor’s note: It is time for us to resume our Look Back/Look Ahead Series. We only knocked out 13 of the 40 or so breweries in November and December, so now it is time to start with all that remain, beginning with Shawna’s trip to Ponderosa from a couple weeks back. — S

For this installment of the Look Back/Look Ahead Series, I had a chance to sit down with the head brewer of Ponderosa Brewing, Antonio Fernandez, who has had quite the remarkable year. Antonio took over as head brewer in July, coming into the commercial brewing industry for the first time. He is on a mission to create nothing less than great quality beer. As you can imagine, it has been an interesting and exciting ride for Fernandez, who has been busy experimenting with flavors and fine tuning the existing brews.

Dark Side: “What would you say was your biggest challenge taking over this position?”

Fernandez: “The most challenging thing for me was getting used to

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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