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Red Door joins the long list of breweries opening a new taproom

All right, just imagine that Red Door sign in the middle completely redone in neon for their new taproom. Funky, huh?

The seemingly never-ending expansion of the local brewing scene includes not just new breweries, but existing breweries opening taprooms left and right. Even though they just celebrated their first anniversary, Red Door is joining the fray with plans to open a taproom downtown in the Simms Building. To get some further details about the space in Albuquerque’s first modern tall building, plus a possible timetable, I sat down with co-owner Matt Biggs last week.

NMDSBC: Are you guys crazy to be opening a taproom this soon? Or was it just the kind of opportunity you couldn’t pass up?

Matt: A little bit of both. We’ve always kind of gone back and forth on productive versus expansion. We try to balance that. There’s just an opportunity for us. I’m working on a couple projects in the building. The building owners really wanted a taproom so they kind of helped make it happen.


Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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