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Release the hounds as Tractor celebrates its 15th anniversary

There is something almost eerie about a brewery taproom being so quiet before it’s open. Such was the case when I stopped by Tractor Wells Park on Wednesday morning. It won’t be the case the next time I’m there Saturday night.

Tractor is turning 15. Shenanigans are imminent.

That’s because Saturday is Tractor’s Quincenera, a 15th anniversary party for the ages. There will be live music, live artists, an auction, and oh, yeah, plenty of beer.

I was joined Wednesday morning by Antal Maurer of the brewing team and Carlos Contreras, Tractor’s events coordinator. The first thing they did was introduce me to the newest Tractor brew which will debut Saturday when the event kicks off at 5 p.m.

“So we have our special release this which is this,” Antal said. “It’s our anniversary wheat, (but) we’ll probably name it something more exciting between now and then. So it’s a wheat base and then we’ve added 25 grapefruits worth of meat as well as candied peel. Once we did all the candying ourselves a

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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