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Rowley Farmhouse Ales bar manager finds her path forward

Ebbie Edmonston has been in and around the craft beer industry for eight years. She’s almost always been behind the bar, and has seen nearly every situation from the other side of the pine. After working at Duel Brewery for three and a half years, she was beamed aboard the ship at Meow Wolf as bar manager, and then later moved on to Tesuque Casino, where she was able to handcraft her own cocktail and beer list.

Ebbie has worked at several breweries in Santa Fe now after her long term relationship with Duel ended, even taking a job at Second Street, briefly, before COVID closed the doors to all but a slim crew.

Recently, she was promoted to bar manager at arguably one of the best craft beer bars and breweries in New Mexico, Rowley Farmhouse Ales, and I promise she knows more about beer than you and I combined.

Ebbie began like many young women in the craft beer industry. At first, it wasn’t really about the beer. But then, it really, really was about the beer, and now, her

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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