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Say guten tag to Heimat House and its big German beer list

Every year the various “best of ABQ” restaurant polls come out, all with some variation of “what style of restaurant would you like to see here?” Personally, I put down “German” every year, but the hipsters always want Ethiopian, because they’re hipsters and German is so 19th Century or something like that. (Oh, go cry in the closed kitchen at Blackbird, hipsters, and stay away from our beer!) Anyway, I was thankfully not the only person to realize the ABQ had a big old culinary hole in its heart. But what goes better with German food than German beer? With that thought also in mind, Heimat House may become a new go-to haunt for myself and other members of the Crew.

Heimat House is open and ready to serve up excellent German food and beer.

I got to stop by Heimat House on Monday afternoon while they were going through all the final preparations before opening for dinner at 5 p.m. Now, finding Heimat House was fairly easy for me, but just in case your Google or Apple Maps let you down,

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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