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Stone’s Next Project: Enjoy After Series Brett IPA

The only thing that the article does not talk about is where these beers will be distributed and when. So fellow Iowans, keep our fingers crossed because this sounds amazing and Stone’s marketing and labeling hits another home run. The article is from http://www.mybeerbuzz.com. 

Here’s your breaking beer news of the day…and in a few days you’ll see it elsewhere so check it out here first!  Stone will be launching a new series of beers that are called Enjoy After.  This is the first edition and it will be Enjoy After 10.31.15.  Playing on the success of their Enjoy By series of beers, this series takes the opposite tack and recommends you cellar the IPA until at least the date on the label so it has a chance to develop and mature.  This IPA will be “spiked” at the time of bottling with Brettanomyces wild yeast and the date on the bottle indicates the earliest you should open the beer because that is how long it will take to be fully carbonated.  Stay tuned for release details.

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