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Stout Challenge IV: The winner by TKO is …

The Dark Side Brew Crew held our fourth annual Stout Challenge on Super Bowl Sunday. Long before we were cursing the Seahawks’ terrible play-calling at the end, we were rejoicing amidst 14 stouts that we sampled via blind taste test to determine who has the best in the ABQ metro area (plus Socorro). We were surprised by some who finished low, some who finished high (mostly due to their newness), but not necessarily by our winner. For the fourth time in four of these events, we have a different local champion.

So many stouts, so little time. But we did it, again. Clockwise from left, Shilling, Porter Pounder, E-Rock, Stoutmeister, Mrs. Solo (Picture by Franz Solo)

So who won? Well, if you have not guessed by the headline above, you will have to just read on. No, seriously, read on. No scrolling down to the end. Stop it! Don’t you do it! You’re the person that reads spoilers about Walking Dead and knew that **** was going to die in the midseason finale and leaked it on Facebook. We don’t

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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