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Summer Fun at Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp

On Friday, July 25th, Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America stopped in Denver for the Rocky Mountain Edition of their tour.

This was one of the best beer festivals I’ve ever attended. It was extremely well-run and, from my perspective, went very smoothly. Aside from all the amazing beers, there were many other notable reasons this event was so enjoyable. I didn’t encounter any of the breweries running out of beer early on, there weren’t crazy lines at the booths, and there were plenty of tables and chairs (which was especially nice for those who ordered from food trucks and needed a place to eat). It was also quite spacious and spread out–not shoulder to shoulder like beer festivals can often be.

It rained a bit but we got a rainbow afterward!

Much like the 12-pack, the festival was an excellent mix: breweries that collaborated with Sierra Nevada on the Beer Camp 12-pack, local breweries, and breweries whose beer we don’t often get in Colorado due to their distribution areas.


Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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