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The 2017 GABF experience summed up by a merry band of lunatics

Marble’s Geraldine Lucero and Barbie Gonzalez were among the first to greet us at GABF.

It can be awfully hard to recap a three-day event featuring hundreds of breweries and thousands of beers, but by golly, the Crew will try to review our latest trip to the Great American Beer Festival.

For yours truly, this was my third trip overall, second in a row via the magic of a press pass. Franz Solo also got a press pass this year, while Luke, Shawna, and Andrew all went up on tickets for the Saturday night session (the guys were going for the first time). If those three elect to share their experiences, we will add them to this story.

The La Cumbre booth was a popular spot, which hopefully will convince more beercationers to visit New Mexico! And yes, Jeff Erway was in a full German outfit. It was a little sweaty, he told us.

Franz and I charged into battle Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon following the awards ceremony, which we recapped here. The sessions were pretty muc

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