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The best New Mexico beers of 2014 in our humble opinion

As noted in the most recent edition of The Week Ahead in Beer, the Crew put out the call for everyone’s favorite beers from New Mexico breweries for 2014. The replies from our readers, not to mention from all of our writers, were fairly diverse. We’re not gonna do an ultimate ranking or anything — you don’t want to get us started when it comes to debating such things — but we thought we would share our favorites, as well as the favorites of our readers.

So without further adieu …

Crew favorites

Bosque’s Scale Tipper won the IPA Challenge and naturally popped up on a lot of people’s lists.


Scale Tipper, Bosque: What’s this? A hoppy beer on my list? Well, it did win the IPA Challenge, after all. I do love a hoppy IPA sometimes, but throw in a strong malt backbone the way John Bullard did and, well, win a trophy.

Jet Black Winter, Bosque: This wasn’t barrel-aged, so it wasn’t overwhelmed by bourbon flavors. It wasn’t sweet, either. Just big, thick, and mean. Really mean. Whic

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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