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The Crew reviews the Canteen/Taylor Garrett Whiskey collaborations

Here we go again. Now with whiskey in addition to imperial stout.

Sometimes, you just get lucky as a beer writer.

We have been blessed with quite a few beers sent to us over the years for review, including some that were barrel aged, but we never got to try the beer side-by-side with the liquor that used to occupy those barrels. Oh, and that whiskey was made with the same malt bill as the beer, making it an even more unique collaboration.

The recent Canteen Brewhouse/Taylor Garrett Whiskey collaboration was not something we were about to pass up. While you can enjoy the Zoom review we have above on our YouTube channel, this experience also included myself and Erin heading over to Vara Winery and Distillery, which is home to Taylor Garrett.

There we got a chance to have a guided tasting of the whiskey and beer with head distiller Scott Feuille, who provided more background on the two recipes and how it all came to be.

“This whiskey is done with the same grain bill,

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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