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The Stout Challenge lives with a few 2021 modifications

There will be fewer stouts this year, in a different venue than Franz Solo’s house, but the Stout Challenge will be happening!

Here we go again. The Crew is gathering a few weeks later than most years, but it’s time for our annual Stout Challenge. Only there will be fewer of us participating, in a different location, and with fewer stouts.

Hey, it’s the pandemic era, sacrifices had to be made.

In some ways, the breweries made it a little easier, since instead of last year’s record 21 stouts, we have only counted 11 eligible stouts for our blind taste test format.

Here’s the 11 participating stouts, with last year’s finish in parentheses.

  • Malpais Stout, La Cumbre (1)
  • Shaman Stout, Toltec (3)
  • Standing 8 Stout, Boxing Bear (4)
  • Obliviscaris Stout, Kilt Check (7)
  • Mac Lomas Stout, Quarter Celtic (8)
  • Brickie American Stout, Steel Bender (11)
  • Event Horizon Oatmeal Stout, Brew Lab 101 (12)
  • Double Plow Oatmeal Stout, Tractor (16)
  • Dark ‘n Lusty Stout, Canteen (18)
  • Siesta Stout, Sobremes

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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