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The Week Ahead in Beer: Brewing up support for Umbrella Week

Greetings, New Mexico craft beer lovers. Stoutmeister here with The Week Ahead in Beer. This column covers all the breweries in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, with Santa Fe’s four breweries and a pair of newcomers, one down in Socorro and the other in Los Alamos, also joining the party.

Stoutmeister puts on his serious face to handle The Week Ahead in Beer.

A little while back I began to notice a series of events popping up called Umbrella Week. Digging a little deeper, I found this annual event is a mix of, well, I will just let the official statement on their website explain it: “During one busy week in September 2015, Albuquerque is home to a concentration of mini-festivals and events representing some of the city’s best art, technology and culture, embodying many of the things that make our city so creatively bountiful and infectiously eclectic. You are invited to Umbrella Week!” The cool thing about Umbrella Week is that it is embracing craft beer, and craft beer in turn is emb

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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