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Train of Foams: Hop on the Ale Trail locomotive in Santa Fe

George R.R. Martin owns this train. Bet you couldn’t get guess that, huh?

There’s something new to do in Santa Fe. Santa Fe resident George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame (along with some other investors), purchased and restored a historic railroad. There are multiple themed trains to choose from each month, including, but not limited to, stargazing, cocktails, brunch, and the one I took last weekend — the 2.5-hour New Mexico Ale Trail train.

This month’s Ale Trail train was sponsored by Santa Fe Brewing. There were two train cars with seating separated by a flat bed car, where you could stand outside on a platform to watch the scenery go by. Each enclosed car had a live musician. While listening to the acoustic guitarist, we were treated to samples of the new NMX Lager, Mango Lime Squeezer, Social Hour, 7K IPA, Santa Fhazy, and Imperial Java Stout. Each passenger received a ticket for a full beer of their choice. Additional cans were available for purchase for $7. Next mon

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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