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Welcome to Kohola Brewery

Kohola Brewing Keg

After many months, a lot of blood, sweat and tears, a few valuable lessons and of course a ton of money, Kohola Brewery has finally opened its doors to the public. In Hawaii, it’s tough to open any type of business, but the costs and demands of a brewery make even tougher.

Like many home brewers, Justin Brouhard, Ian Elumba and William Ramirez, all dreamed of one day turning their passion for brewing into a business. It wasn’t until Ian’s wife, Christine, and William’s wife, Susan, pushed the idea of opening a brewery  that the trio decided to turn their dream into a reality.

Kohola Brewing Ian William Andrew Christine

Maui’s second brewery is in a very familiar location. Kohola purchased the old Maui Brewing Company brewing facility in Lahaina and spent over 8 months refurbishing the space. Although they walked into a fully turn-key brewery, the space and equipment still required a lot of work. The 25 barrel system was set up as a packaging brewery and had been customized over many years by the Maui Brewing team to keep up wi

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