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What’s in the box?! Rowley Farmhouse Ales has big news


Well, hello there, future RFA canning line.

Recently I was sitting at Rowley Farmhouse Ales, talking about barrel-aged goodies with the bartender as I sipped on their latest edition of Agent Scully IPA. Chef and co-owner Jeffrey Kaplan then sauntered down the steps, as he often does at the end of the day to greet his customers and check on the business before he heads home for the night. Spotting me, a particular glint took to his eyes, the way it does when he has news. But, by his grin, I knew it was bigger news than say, a rare keg of barrel-aged stout that they just acquired for a certain party they host every November … It was bigger than that. And, I knew right away I was going to need a bigger note pad.

DSBC: What’s the big news?

Kaplan: Rowley Farmhouse Ales is going to enter the canning world! We’re extremely excited to announce we just purchased a small canning line, and it’s getting ready to ship out to us.

DSBC: Tell us all about it. What kind of machine is it? 2-head filler

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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