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Wynkoop Announces New Crowler Program

Photo courtesy of Wynkoop Brewing

Have you missed drinking Wynkoop beers in the comfort of your own home? If so, I’ve got news for you: thanks to Wynkoop’s new canning machine, you can now get crowlers to go! And just in time to kick off summer.

“A few years ago we decided to stop canning and selling our beer to retailers to focus on more creative, short-run beers with a constantly changing line-up of seasonal as well as small-batch and barrel-aged products. Now we’re excited to offer 32 ounce cans to give guests a way to bring our beer home and on the road,” said John Sims, Head Brewer at Wynkoop. “The cans allow us to share our brews with more people outside of Wynkoop, while still focusing on what we do best–creating unique beers–without sacrificing quality.”

Photo courtesy of Wynkoop Brewing

Any Wynkoop beer can be canned onsite, with prices ranging between $10-18 for a 32 ounce can.

Upcoming beer releases at Wynkoop include:

  • Malty-Tasking – May 25 (chocolate malt nitro beer)
  • Vail

Source: Colorado Beer Girl

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