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Almanac Beer Company Set For Hawaii in 2016

Almanac Beer Company Hawaii

I’m super happy to finally be able to post this. Almanac Beer Company has picked up distribution in Hawaii via Underground Wine Merchants. The San Francisco based brewery is well known in California for their excellent sour beers and their commitment to working with local farms to incorporate their produce into those beers.

In recent years Almanac has expanded to produce a core line up of “regular” beers including an IPA, Gose and Saison, which are now commonly found at almost every bar in SF. The 5 year old brewery has been partner or gypsy brewing with local brewers. This has allowed them to focus on their barrel aging program and only produce the volumes of beer they need. They release a number of seasonal beers throughout the year so we can expect to see a nice variety. Some of my personal favorites include Farmer’s Reserve Citrus (made with Buddha’s hand), Saison de Brettaville, and Hoppy Sour Citra.

Initial quantities will be limited and will be available starting in January. Th

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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