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Bosque cans are coming sooner than expected

We cannot wait to get a six-pack of this malty behemoth.

Bosque Brewing’s Bernalillo packaging facility is still a ways from opening, yet Bosque six-pack cans will be on shelves by mid-October.

Wait, what?

To clear up any confusion about what is going on, the command staff at Bosque invited me over for beers and a big old information download on Thursday afternoon. Bosque is teaming up with Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. in Denver to begin canning three flagship beers — Bosque IPA, Bosque Lager, Scotia Scotch Ale.

“That’s really been a lot of what’s sparked this,” said director of operations Jotham Michnovicz. “We know we need to be in the market. We want to be on shelves. There’s been some delays with Bernalillo, and this gives us the opportunity to get to market a lot faster than waiting around for things to finish up.”

Bosque also posted a blog post to help fill in some gaps, but they wanted to go into further detail about the decision to do contract brewing. Not only will this get Bosq

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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