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Collaboration 2 – Honolulu Beerworks & Breakside Brewery

Geoff Seideman, Ben Edmunds, Roxayne Spruance

Lets brew a sour beer with tropical fruit. That’s how the lastest collaboration brew at Honolulu Beerworks got started. When Beerworks Geoff Seideman learned that Ben Edmunds of Portland’s Breakside Brewery was coming to Honolulu and wanted to do a collab brew he instantly thought sour.

Seideman had good reason for wanted to brew his first sour with Ben, since he is one of the most knowledgable and successful brewers of bright, tart and vibrant lactobacillus based beers in the country. At Breakside, Edmunds has mastered the technique of kettle souring beer to crank out some amazing and incredibly affordable tart ales.

Edmunds was planning a non-working vacation to Oahu, but jumped at the chance to do a collaboration brew and work with two locally harvested fruits that are tough to come by in the Pacific Northwest. Fresh Maui grown pineapple was an obvious choice to complement the tartness from the lactobacillus. Edmunds was also intrigued by flavors of the calamansi fruit (a hybrid ci

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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