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Elgood’s Warrior

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Elgood's Warrior
Elgood's Warrior
Elgood's Warrior (Special/Best/Premium Bitter) with 5.5 ABV by Elgood & Sons...
Style:English Pale Ale > Special/Best/Premium Bitter
ABV:5.5 %
Packaging:50 cl bottle
Glassware:Pint (or Becher/Becker, Nonic, Tumbler)
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Elgood's Warrior
A truly traditional style English Bitter Ale, a blend of finest Pale Ale, Amber and Crystal malt is used for the fruity malty flavour and generous portions of English Hop varieties (Challenger, Goldings and Fuggles) to give a well developed hops character.
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Elgood & Sons
United Kingdom brewery location
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Address: North Brink Brewery,
PE13 1LN,
United Kingdom
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