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New Holland brewpub
New Holland brewpub

New Holland & Our Brewing – Holland (MI) breweries

Our Brewing Company
Our Brewing Company

After our visit to the Grand Rapids breweries we moved onto Holland a mere 30 minutes to the south-east. Our hotel was to the north of downtown – approximately 4 miles away so whilst we waited for a cab we decided to try some local craft beers in the hotel bar:

  • ArcadiaWhitsun Ale – Pale Wheat Ale (6.2%)
  • Arcadia Loch Down Scotch Ale – Scotch Ale (8.5%)
  • New Holland White Hatter – Belgian Style White Pale Ale (5.5%)

Although we enjoyed the beers, unfortunately the first cab kept moving the arrival time backwards each time we called them so we had to try a second cab which arrived soon after.

New Holland Brewing

There was a wait to get a table at New Holland Brewing but luckily as we approached the bar a couple were just leaving and another couple already seated kindly offered to move along one seat giving us the three available stools at the bar that we desired – how kind!

New Holland sampler tray
New Holland sampler tray

The sampler tray came in 6 flights so we selected the following (starting front-right and going clockwise in the photo):

  • Full Circle kolsch-style beer – 4.9%
  • The Poet oatmeal stout – 5.2%
  • Monkey King Saison farmhouse ale – 6.6%
  • Black Tulip triple ale – 8.8%*
  • Kvass with bread & spices – 3.5%
  • Dirty Water belgian brown – 4.9%

After having a great meal and trying the initial samplers we moved onto the following:

  • Sundog amber ale
  • Smashley pale ale – 5.25%
  • Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrel stout – 10%*
  • Twisted Cedar english ale – 5.25%

* designates our favourites in each sampler.

New Holland tap handles
New Holland tap handles
New Holland beer list
New Holland beer list

Our Brewing Company

Our Brewing new brewpub
Our Brewing new brewpub

In the same block as New Holland is Our Brewing Company who only opened in November 2012 so we decided with this being so close we could not pass up a visit.

We opted for a 6 flights sampler which consisted of an interesting mix of beers:

  • Paterbier – 4.3%, 25 IBU.
  • Foreign Market pale wheat (with fenugreek) – 6.4%, 45 IBU.
  • As You Like It Porter – 6.1%, 28 IBU.*
  • Our ESB extra special bitter – 5.2%, 39 IBU.
  • Dutchtown Brown – 7.6%, 47 IBU.
  • Oatmeal Cookie Ale – 6%, 27 IBU.*
Our Brewing samplers
Our Brewing samplers

The interesting one of the above selection was the Foreign Market as we could not work out whether loved or hated the taste of the Fenugreek – if you are in the West Michigan area then why not call in and try some then let us know what you think?

Alas the night came to an end and we called the cab company that we had used earlier – unfortunately the same problems arose including the dispatcher putting the phone down on us! We explained to the same cab driver who was pulled from across town to rescue us and he kindly gave us a free ride back to our hotel.

We found Holland a great place to visit especially with having both breweries almost next door to each other. Concerning transport our suggestion would be to nominate a designated drive and buy them dinner…

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