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Palmer pops onto the scene in 2016

Palmer Brewery held its grand opening back on November 5.

The concept of a combined brewing/distilling operation was not limited to one location in Albuquerque, as Palmer Brewery opened alongside Left Turn Distilling this year. Unlike Broken Trail, a few blocks to the west, technically Palmer and Left Turn are separate businesses, they just share the same taproom/tasting room. Brewer Rob Palmer and distiller Brian Langwell are good friends, which is how it all got started at 2924 Girard Blvd. NE.

Rob, a professional skateboarder with a home-brewing background, said it all came about in August 2014.

“Brian called me and he had a tenant on the other side of the building,” Rob said. “This used to be a big block wall here. The tasting room was just that tiny room. We decided we wanted to do beer. We had been hanging out a bunch, helping him with his stuff in the distillery. He said how about we do some beer? That’s where it was born.”

Going from concept to operation took time, as the space

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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