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Selin's Grove Brewing sign
Selin's Grove Brewing sign

Selin’s Grove Brewing pit stop

Selin's Grove Brewing entrance
Selin’s Grove Brewing entrance

Central Pennsylvania has beautiful lush green countryside around this time of year with the snow and cold weather of a harsh winter pretty much behind us until November. So it was time to take a mid-week afternoon’s drive to attend to some personal errands in Snyder County and enjoy the scenic valleys below the rolling hills of the western Appalachians.

After the chores were complete, and feeling the 90 degrees (F) heat, we chose to make a pit stop at Selin’s Grove Brewing Company as we were passing by. We have previously visited this small brewery and enjoyed both the food and the samplers so why pass an opportunity by?

Selin’s Grove Brewing dates back to 1996 and operates out of the ground floor of a 19th Century governor’s mansion so if you approach the building from the main street you need to take the steps down the side of the building to locate the entrance or alternatively find the parking lot at the rear.

Selin's Grove Brewing menu
Selin’s Grove Brewing menu

Previously we had sampled the following beers inside as it was evening time and rather cold outside:

  • Captain Selin’s Cream Ale
  • White Horse Porter
  • St. Fillian’s Wee Heavy
  • Amazing Wit
  • Scottish Style Ale
  • Shade Mountain Oatmeal Stout
Selin's Grove Brewing sampler
Selin’s Grove Brewing sampler

This time we opted for a Quesadilla and a Chipotle Turkey Wrap together with a mix of some repeat samplers and some new ones outside in the shade:

  • Captain Selin’s Cream Ale
  • Pilsner
  • Mai Bock
  • Stealth Triple
  • Shade Mountain Oatmeal Stout

It was a great selection and once refuelled we hit the road again. We can certainly recommend a visit to Selin’s Grove Brewing Company.

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